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Fire and safety equipment usage information 

If you discovered a fire, would you know what to do? 

Learn to identify the fire and know the right equipment used to tackle it. 

Classification of Fire:

There are generally 5 classes of fire. Thankfully classes A, B and C are routinely encountered. The remaining classes of fire are difficult to calculate due to a number of additional considerations being required. It is recommended that expert advice is sought.
The classes of fire are based on the fuel and means of extinction. 
Whilst many fires involve electricity, it is not considered a specific class. 
However, only certain types of extinguishers are considered safe to use on electrical fires.
It is essential that you, or the safety staff, recognise the correct type of extinguisher required before attempting to put out a fire. Using the wrong type of extinguisher could be catastrophic, making the effects of the fire worse and/or injure the fire extinguisher operator.
Extinguishers should be easily available near the fire hazard concerned, but not so near as to be inaccessible or place the operator in undue danger. 

Normally extinguishers should be located:
  • In clearly visible positions on brackets, floor stands or within cabinets
  • Where they would be readily seen by persons following an escape route
  • Near to room exits, corridors, stairways, lobbies and landings
  • Ideally at similar positions on multi-floor premises, so extinguishers covering specific risks are reached first by users
The maximum travel distance from the site of the fire to an extinguisher can be: 
  • Class A or C fire risks = 30 metres
  • Class B, F or electrical fire risks = 10 metres
  • Class D = on a case by case basis by expert advice
If you have any concerns over the quantity, types or serviceability of the fire extinguishers at your workplace then our team of experts at Fire Link Fire and Safety Services can provide free advice. 
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