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If you are looking for comprehensive fire and safety setup and maintenance services, the team of experts at Fire Link can help.

Complete range of fire and safety services provided:

Fire and Safety in Schools

Safety in offices and shops

Working in an office or shop environment may be considered to be one of the lowest risk occupations that anyone can undertake. Whilst very few office or shop workers are killed or seriously injured at work, the risk to health, safety and welfare are often seriously underestimated!

The key issues for both sets of workers are immediate. Long term ill-health from muscular-skeletal disorders caused by manual handling and working on computers, in addition slips and trips, stress and poor building or working environments have a significant impact on the health of office and shop workers. worldwide.

At Fire Link Fire and Safety Services, we can help you with;
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Fire and Safety in residential care homes

Residential care homes differ from normal places of work because they are not only seen as places of work but they are also homes for their residents. 

The age range of residents occupying care homes spans from young to much older people and includes persons suffering from learning disabilities or mental health problems as well as the elderly and infirm. What is clear is that care homes should provide a safe environment for both the residents and members of staff whilst maintaining a pleasant living environment and retain the dignity and freedom of its residents.

We offer a range of services that ensure that you remain legally compliant as well as helping you to improve the levels of safety, health and fire within your business. 
Some of the services available are: 

  • Fire extinguisher provision and servicing
  • Fire risk assessment
  • General health and safety risk assessment
  • Fire safety training 
  • Fire alarm and emergency lighting system testing
  • Fire safety signage provision
  • Asbestos management
  • Fire Marshal course specifically aimed at care home staff (see button        below to view the course in more detail)
Specialist Fire Warden Training
elderly lady and nurse in care home
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