Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

To ensure that your workplace is maintained as safely as possible, it is absolutely essential that certain areas are taken into consideration.
These are:
  • Training
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Protection from arson
Fire Prevention training Basic Fire Safety Awareness

Fire Prevention Training

All employees, full time or part time, should receive regular fire safety training.

Are your employees all aware of the following points?

  • What to do if they discover fire
  • How to raise the alarm of fire
  • Where fire extinguishers are located
  • How and when to operate a fire extinguisher
  • Which fire extinguisher should be used for different types of fire
  • Escape routes from the building
  • How to operate fire exit doors
  • How to call the emergency services and what information would be required
  • The location of the emergency assembly point(s)
  • Arrangements for the evacuation of customers, visitors or those with special needs
  • The dangers associated with obstruction of fire exits and the wedging open of fire resisting doors
  • Any specific hazards relevant to the site
  • The importance of good housekeeping within the business premises

Training should be provided when inducting new members of staff into the business and refresher training should be provided at regular intervals following that.
Fire Link Ltd recommend refresher courses are provided at least annually, but more frequently where there is a high fire risk.

Employers must remember to also provide additional training where members of staff change roles, assume additional duties such as Fire Warden or Fire Marshal or are promoted to positions of management.

It is essential that employees accept responsibility for the housekeeping within their working areas as this will keep them safe. Time for tidying and sweeping up working areas should be included within the working day, ideally at the end of a shift. A deeper clean should be undertaken at the end of the working week.

Fire Link Ltd have training programmes specifically written to address each of the bullet points listed above to employers and their employees across the UK. Our experts can also tailor make courses to suit your individual business as we accept no two business premises will be the same.

Training courses currently offered by Fire Link are available to view by clicking on the following links:

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